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David and I were married in December of 2009. We live in Logan, Utah and we LOVE it! We have FIVE kids; A.J., Jessah, Glaiden, Raelynn and Kenadie!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

...What's Blogging?

Life. Is. Crazy. Okay, so when isn't it? I thought I had a handle (albeit a very small one) on my blogging and summertime. Maybe I didn't.

I've caught myself thinking, "Man, this summer is crazy!" more than a handful of times, but really, it's not all that crazier than normal. We've camped. A lot. We've played. A lot. We've sweated. A LOT. And we've drove. A lot. And we still haven't really slowed down. Except school finally started. (Oh, I am definitely one of the moms that sang Hallelujah the entire first week.)

Things I have meant to blog about but didn't:

  • More camping. Lots of fishing.
    • The last post I had was about camping and I think it was after we'd been out 3 times. I think total this summer, we went out 6 times? Going out again this weekend in *hopefully* our NEW trailer. (Each kid will have their own bed! Yes! FOUR bunks!) 

  • Weddings.
    • My baby brother got married, and is having his second baby in about a month. My brother-in-law is getting married in about 10 days. Jessah was/is a flower girl in both. :) Lucky girl.

  • Glaiden-isms. Man, three year old's are FUNNY. The stuff that come's out of this kids mouth astounds me sometimes. 
    • G: Mom, can I go to the store with you?
    • Me: No, cause you'll throw a fit that I am not going to buy you anything. Just stay with Dad, ok?
    • G: Yeah, you're right. I will. I'll just stay with Dad. (Seriously... SO funny)

  • A.J. is an amazing big brother. I've got a good one in my 7 year old. Almost 8! 
    • Glaiden was sick last week with some sort of flu bug. He was up all night throwing up and with diarrhea. The next day (I think the day before school started) Glaiden kept having accidents and so finally I asked if we should try a diaper (I had a pack of size 6's for some reason and thought I may as well use them). He was pretty embarrassed and asked if A.J. and Jessah were going to laugh at him. Right at that moment, A.J. overheard and volunteered to wear one for a while too! Just to make his little brother feel more at ease. It was the craziest, sweetest thing that I think A.J.'s ever done. I almost cried! (Disclaimer - if any of you that read this, you may not mention any of this to A.J., you are endangering my life (and in turn, yours)! I wrote this strictly to remember that once in a while, my little terror of a boy, can be sweet as a button.) 

  • House. 
    • Selling. (Fingers crossed)
    • Looking for something inside of the Cache Valley, but outside of Logan. Paradise? Hyrum? Nibley? Who knows. Aiming to sell come next spring, early summer. Yay!

  • Football
    • A.J. started playing tackle football this year. SO fun! Here, we don't have any middle school/junior high sports, so the kids play on rec center teams until high school but these teams start as early as 1st and 2nd grade. He loves it!

  • Dimes
    • Raelynn likes money. The way it tastes anyway... that's a blog post in itself. I'll do that one next.

  • Birthdays
    • My baby is one. :( Not even a little bit fair. Just saying.

  • My baby
    • No teeth (yes, she's one with no teeth!)
    • No sleep (yes, she still wakes up at night!)
    • No sleep (YES, I AM EXHAUSTED)

  • I'm sure there's more... I'll get there. One day. 

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