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David and I were married in December of 2009. We live in Logan, Utah and we LOVE it! We have FIVE kids; A.J., Jessah, Glaiden, Raelynn and Kenadie!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

...What's Blogging?

Life. Is. Crazy. Okay, so when isn't it? I thought I had a handle (albeit a very small one) on my blogging and summertime. Maybe I didn't.

I've caught myself thinking, "Man, this summer is crazy!" more than a handful of times, but really, it's not all that crazier than normal. We've camped. A lot. We've played. A lot. We've sweated. A LOT. And we've drove. A lot. And we still haven't really slowed down. Except school finally started. (Oh, I am definitely one of the moms that sang Hallelujah the entire first week.)

Things I have meant to blog about but didn't:

  • More camping. Lots of fishing.
    • The last post I had was about camping and I think it was after we'd been out 3 times. I think total this summer, we went out 6 times? Going out again this weekend in *hopefully* our NEW trailer. (Each kid will have their own bed! Yes! FOUR bunks!) 

  • Weddings.
    • My baby brother got married, and is having his second baby in about a month. My brother-in-law is getting married in about 10 days. Jessah was/is a flower girl in both. :) Lucky girl.

  • Glaiden-isms. Man, three year old's are FUNNY. The stuff that come's out of this kids mouth astounds me sometimes. 
    • G: Mom, can I go to the store with you?
    • Me: No, cause you'll throw a fit that I am not going to buy you anything. Just stay with Dad, ok?
    • G: Yeah, you're right. I will. I'll just stay with Dad. (Seriously... SO funny)

  • A.J. is an amazing big brother. I've got a good one in my 7 year old. Almost 8! 
    • Glaiden was sick last week with some sort of flu bug. He was up all night throwing up and with diarrhea. The next day (I think the day before school started) Glaiden kept having accidents and so finally I asked if we should try a diaper (I had a pack of size 6's for some reason and thought I may as well use them). He was pretty embarrassed and asked if A.J. and Jessah were going to laugh at him. Right at that moment, A.J. overheard and volunteered to wear one for a while too! Just to make his little brother feel more at ease. It was the craziest, sweetest thing that I think A.J.'s ever done. I almost cried! (Disclaimer - if any of you that read this, you may not mention any of this to A.J., you are endangering my life (and in turn, yours)! I wrote this strictly to remember that once in a while, my little terror of a boy, can be sweet as a button.) 

  • House. 
    • Selling. (Fingers crossed)
    • Looking for something inside of the Cache Valley, but outside of Logan. Paradise? Hyrum? Nibley? Who knows. Aiming to sell come next spring, early summer. Yay!

  • Football
    • A.J. started playing tackle football this year. SO fun! Here, we don't have any middle school/junior high sports, so the kids play on rec center teams until high school but these teams start as early as 1st and 2nd grade. He loves it!

  • Dimes
    • Raelynn likes money. The way it tastes anyway... that's a blog post in itself. I'll do that one next.

  • Birthdays
    • My baby is one. :( Not even a little bit fair. Just saying.

  • My baby
    • No teeth (yes, she's one with no teeth!)
    • No sleep (yes, she still wakes up at night!)
    • No sleep (YES, I AM EXHAUSTED)

  • I'm sure there's more... I'll get there. One day. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is the Life

Here are some pictures of our 3 camping trips so far this year. Three down... one more next weekend and hopefully lots more to come! All three weekends we were up Left Hand Fork in Blacksmith Fork Canyon. Different sites, but same area. We had SO much fun too. The boys went fishing (AJ became a pro), we went out on the 4-wheelers and just spent quality time with some of the people we love the most.

The bug is a pretty good camper so far. She can't wait to get moving like the big kids though!
Look at that sexy man showing his kids how to cast. (The first of a million casts that the poor guy would throw)
Jessah and her friend Bailey looking for butterflies. They caught a couple!

A.J. taking his little brother on a ride on one of the four-wheelers the kids got for Christmas.
The nasty rattle snake David killed on the road behind our camper.... It still makes me shudder.
Glaiden is sitting on the little blue four-wheeler trying to talk Tatem out of riding double. Ha!
Best to where a helmet when you play soccer with A.J. Even if you are A.J.
Mom and Jessah coming back from a little ride. I totally didn't need my picture taken.
Daddy and his girl on a little putt around camp. She LOVES the four wheeler!
Raelynn and Tatem became close...over who was eating her treats! :)

 David and I went on a little ride up the canyon together while the kids stayed back with our friends and I let him know how lucky and happy I am with the life that we have. I love camping with my family making these memories. I love how hard my husband works so I can stay home with our kids and we can go out and spend quality time together when he's not working. Sure, there are times when each of us envy what someone may have (or what bills they may not have). We may wish that our lives were easier in one way or the other, and we may say that we can't wait for our kids to be older and a little more independent. But the truth is... I really LOVE my life. Just the way it is. And I wouldn't trade one thing about it.
Except for maybe his stupid camera face. That, I might change. ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hard work and determination equal...


A.J. and Jessah had their Wildcat Run today for school. Its a huge deal and A.J. has been talking about it since school started in August. Here are some pictures of my sweet kids.

Found my bear in the sea of neon green!
The Kindergartners are off!

Enjoying her popcicle before her monster of a little brother talked her into handing it over.
The first glimps of A.J. I got. No other first graders in sight!
A.J. and his awesome teacher Mrs. Sawyer
A.J. and his 1at place medal at the awards assembly!

 Jessah (Kindergarten) ran about 1/4 mile, and A.J. (first grade) ran a mile. I am one proud Mama. Jessah didn't fall and finished with a huge group of her friends with a smile on her face. And A.J. accomplished what he set out to do. What a great couple of kids I have!

Happy Thoughts

I'm really not a negative person. It's bugging me that the first thing you see on my blog is a long depressing post. (Although writing it did help a ton. It's a good outlet for me) So here's a not-so-depressing one. One about funny things my kids say or do. One about happy moments in my life that I want to have documented. One about a few things I've learned in the last... who knows. Enjoy. And for my sake... try not to laugh too hard at my expence.

Glaiden (Feb. 2012) On our way to Salt Lake to get our taxes done we stopped for a bathroom break next to a Liberty Tax place. Glaiden sees the Statue of Liberty balloon and yells, "Dad! Mom! Look! We're in New York City!!!" (said like the Pace Picante Salsa commercial)

Jessah: "Mom, is this how you spell Glaiden's name? g-l-a-i-d-e-n?"
Me: "Yes"
Jessah to Glaiden: "See!" (with the 'I told ya so' look)
Glaiden: "Nuh uh! A.J. said you spell it like this! a-o-e-f-a-o. A.J. is smarter so that's how you spell it."

The kids were playing at the (backyard) neighbors house when A.J. wrecked a bike and hopped back over the fence and came into the garage to show me his battle wounds. After couple of minutes, Glaiden parked a bike at the front of the garage to "check on his big brother."
Me: "Dude... um, where did you come from?"
Glaiden: "Andrews house."
Me  "Did someone lift you over the fence?"
Glaiden: "No, I bowwowed a bike and wode it home..."
A.J. "And its a little pink bike, with training wheels!"
Ok, so this is only funny after the fact. And only if you know that he now rides without training wheels. And only if you realize that he had to go down about 10 houses on one side, turn onto a brand new (luckily finished) sidewalk off of a 4 lane highway, to our street, and then back up our road about 9 houses... For a 3 year old, it's a pretty good journey.

Don't attempt to ride a skateboard if: A) You've never in your life stepped foot on one, and you're now 27. B) Your husband isn't home and you have 7 little kids watching you on your driveway while a witness is arriving just in time to see you pick yourself up off the concrete and hobble inside to "check on the sleeping baby" It hurts. A lot. Three days later.

Love your family. Be happy. Enjoy the little things. Love your friends.

Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm Way Too Emotional, I Know.

*Disclaimer* I'm sad. I'm going to ramble. The more I write, the more I cry. I need this though.

I don't know what exactly is going on. If this is petty, so be it. I don't mean for it to be. A lot of people have MUCH bigger problems in their lives, and I know that. But right now, I'm sad and I feel helpless. I need to vent, and then probably go cry for a while. Then maybe I'll feel a little better. I think I just need to let it all out. If you don't want to read this. Don't. It's probably going to be depressing, but that's how I feel, and this is the only outlet where I can let it all out my way.

I didn't always live in Jerome. I didn't want to move there in 8th grade. I liked my friends in Utah, I liked my life, and I was in those early teenage years where the change was going to be the end of my life as I knew it. And then to move to this itty bitty dairy town... blah! Not cool. We lived on the outskirts and I hated it for a long time. I missed my friends (horribly) for what felt like an eternity. And all of a sudden (I don't remember why or how) I loved it. I loved knowing almost everyone in my class. I loved being a part of something so family like and close knit. Not until my adult life, did I realize the impact this little town had on me. And this month, I miss it. I am missing out on letting this town know what it means to me. I feel like I'm letting them down.  

Like I said in my last post, a classmate of mine was killed in Afghanistan last weekend. He was a friend. A nice kid to everyone, no matter your popularity, looks, intelligence, athletic ability, talent... he was nice to you. Almost everyone considered him a friend. He wasn't my best friend, by any means. I never dated him. Come to think of it, I never really even "hung out" with him. But when you're from a small town, with a graduating class of under 300 students, where you go to the football games because if you don't, there's not really anything else going on that night, something like this stings.

A soldier who is killed in the war is devastating. Then add in these factors:
+ I knew the nice kid from high school = more sad and makes this 9 year war SO real and personal.
+ He was supposed to come home in THREE weeks = so close and yet too far.
+ He was married = I can't imagine losing my husband.
+ He had 3 month old twin girls = Poor, sweet, innocent girls.
+ He never got to meet them = How is that even fair? Seriously?

This is more than just a sad story to me. This is where I grew up. It's the one place (I've lived in many) that I consider my home town. I knew this person. I liked this person. And I'm too far away to tell anyone that knows him better than me, that I am SO sorry for their loss. If I am this upset over this, can you imagine his wife?? His family? His CLOSE friends? Other military families we went to school with who live in fear of this everytime their spouse is deployed? It breaks my heart into a million pieces every. single. time I think about it. Which is a lot lately.

I want to go to his funeral. I need to go. I feel like I need to cry with my hometown friends who understand and are feeling the same way. I want to be there to support this hero that I knew, and those that knew him so much better than I did. To let people know that I am so incredibly grateful for the sacrifices that our military (and their families and friends) make for this country. We take it for granted entirely too often.

I can't be there. And I feel like everytime I reason why, its not an acceptable reason and I cry again. The funeral is at 4:00 on Saturday, April 7th. David's birthday is on April 8th. (Easter Sunday) It's his 30th birthday and we've planned a big bbq for Saturday... I can't be gone. We can't ask friends with kids to come to our house on Easter Sunday for a birthday party and take them away from their family.

David is an incredible person. He's sad for this soldier and his family and friends. He doesn't like seeing me upset and in this funk. I try to pull out of it and act like I'm okay. He was totally okay with me going. He understood and was supportive. When we found out when it was he told me he's sorry that I'm not going (more than once). I don't want him to be sorry. It's no one's fault. It's my husband's birthday and I want to be with him. I choose him (and my children) over anything. It's just life getting in the way. Blah!

For any of my friends that read this: Know that I will be there in spirit. I will be thinking of Dan and his loved ones. I will have his friends, his wife and beautiful baby girls, the rest his family and my friends in my thoughts and prayers and be thinking of all of you on Saturday.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Almost Overwhelming

The last few weeks have been insane. That's the only word I can think of that comes close to describing it.

A great friend of ours was diagnosed with breast cancer. (She's only 35) She will beat it, I have no doubt, it's just a shock to all of us. Cancer is scary. Its a scary word all by itself, and then to associate it with such a close friend... it leaves you speechless. And hearbroken. And, truthfully, it pisses you off. A lot. I'm doing better this week. Mainly because I want to be supportive and a strong shoulder to lean on for her, so I'm not allowing the bitterness to get the best of me. Wish me luck.

We decided to put our house on the market and start looking for a new home. We'll stay in Cache Valley, but we want to be on the outskirts just a little. The last few weekends we've been working really hard on painting, fixing and cleaning up the house, and decluttering... oh the decluttering. Let's just hope that the next house we're in... we're there forever! We're hoping to have the house up for sale by the middle of April or the beginning of May and cross our fingers that it doesn't take too long to sell. We'll see though.

A.J. was in Woodruff Elementary's production of Chicken Little. There were 2 weeks of rehearsals (from 2:30-4:00 everyday after school) and FOUR showings on Friday. He was a chick and loved every second of it. I got a couple of pictures... of course, I sat on the wrong side of the stage to get good pictures of A.J. so here's one with the other chicks, and a couple of the play in progress.

Singing "The Sky Is Falling Down"
Chicken Little, Rooster Wooster, Cats, Cows and Dogs. (I think)
AJ and the other Chicks
Today was a rough day too. I recieved a phone call from my best friend from high school telling me that a classmate of ours was killed in Afghanistan yesterday. He was such a good kid in high school, and an incredibly kind hearted person. He had an infectious smile and a great attitude. He was supposed to come home in just 23 days to meet his brand new twin daughters for the first time. It was devastating news and a tragic loss for everyone that had the pleasure of knowing him. Our prayers are with his family and loved ones. Rest in peace Dan.

It's been a little hectic around here, but we're surviving and making use of the warm weather we had this weekend. 71 and 72 degrees in Logan (in MARCH) is never something to complain about. Just ask these cute kids.

Happy Spring everyone! I'll post again soon (ish). Hopefully with some lovely pictures of my awesome husbands THIRTIETH birthday! Hahaha!  

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Post Much?

I'm not even going to apologize. (Except to my long lost, friend/neighbor :( who's sadly, probably one of the only people who reads this) It's been a while. I just put up a quick post about Raelynn's 6 month check-up. Yeah, 6 months. Ugh. I don't even know where to start...

In  no particular order:

  • Glaiden started using the words definitely and actually and really... in every. sentence.
  • AJ is going to be in Woodruff's production of Chicken Little. Part and lines yet to be determined.
  • Jessah is reading beautifully and so smart.
  • David and I had a great 2nd anniversary. Where he called my mom up to babysit and suprised me with a night at the Anniversary Inn here in Logan and dinner at Hamilton's Steak and Seafood.
  • We also went to dinner at Hamilton's for my birthday with our friends.
  • Christmas was fantastic. We got to see all of our family and we all got spoiled rotten.
  • I am addicted to my Nook Tablet that David got me for Christmas. That's probably the main reason I haven't blogged in a while.... Probably not.
  • We've had a few playdates with the friend/neighbor mentioned above with another friend/neighbor. Alicia and Angie with our combined 11 kids. (Including these cute Monday babies. Raelynn, Morgan and Landon. Cute thing Morgan was the first Monday baby, exactly 11 weeks later Rae was born. Then exactly 4 weeks after Rae came hansome Landon.

  • While typing the last bullet point I began to wonder why neighbors has to be crossed out. :( We still really miss them living next door and in our back yard.

I'm sure a lot more has happened... if I think of anything major, I will update this post (ha... maybe). I should probably get off the computer for the day and work on cleaning up my kitchen and get dinner going. (yes, I have to clean it before AND after dinner almost daily...I know, you're all jealous).